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Lifestyle Newborn Session


Please be ready at your scheduled start time


When I arrive, I typically start in the room in your home which has the best natural light. Depending on the natural flow of things, we will either begin the session with family photos or individual photos of baby.  For the moderately posed individual photos of baby I will bring various wraps and fabrics with me for you to choose from. We may also use anything you have on hand!



Please make sure your home is neat, tidy, and “photo ready”! 



 The best rooms for lifestyle photos are:


• the parents master bedroom

• nursery

• family room. 

• kitchen

• anywhere with great natural light or windows! 





Don't rush or panic if things aren't entirely in order prior to the session time - As a mom of two myself, I understand that children and babies can be unpredictable. Try to stay calm and relaxed on the day of your session. Children and babies tend to react to our energy and we want them to be as calm and as happy as possible during the shoot. It should be a fun, relaxed experience. 


Please try to increase the temperature in your home prior to my arrival to make sure baby doesn't get chilly and can remain warm and cozy during the session.


Please be aware that I often find myself needing to rearrange a piece of furniture (or more!) to make adequate space for either one or a bunch of photographs or to remove distractions from the shot. 


During your session, I will encourage you to interact with and simply love your family - of course paying extra close attention to your new babe, who is the main focus of this session! By now you have likely seen much of my work and therefore you know that I strive to capture connection and moments between one another. Don’t be surprised if I frequently tell you not to look at me! ;)


Your lifestyle newborn session will take about an hour to an hour and a half.



For in-home lifestyle sessions I strongly recommend looking put together while also being very comfortable. I strongly suggest wearing mostly neutral colors and I strongly advise against bold, or neon colors. I recommend not wearing clothing with words or large, super noticeable labels. 


Ideally, feet are bare during your in-home session. We want you to look and feel as cozy as possible! 


Here is a Pinterest board I’ve created with some really great inspo:

Wardrobe Color Palette and Inspo

If you have any questions you may reach me at any time at 2019251120. I can't wait to work with you!

 You have a Newborn session with Alyson Barrow Photography coming up very soon!

I am so excited to meet your precious little one!


Here are some useful tips to help prepare you for your session.


 Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to read the following information!





I will wear my mask the entire time and will avoid handling or touching you or your baby during your session.